Salts Confidence Convex Supersoft 1-piece Urostomy Pouch





A convex pouch with even more flexibility and softness. Confidence Convex Supersoft incorporates a soft, flexible wafer with a gentle profile - for increased comfort. Soft - More flexible, softer convex wafer, for added comfort. Comfortable - Shallower profile fits more comfortably against the skin. Flexible - Flexible foam backing conforms better to body shape. Secure - Hydrocolloid wafer with 'high tack' adhesive affords extra security. Cushioned - Soft padding acts as a cushion between skin and the on/off tap. Easy-To-Use - Positive action, wide-bore on/off tap with integral drip cap. IMPORTANT: A convex product should only be prescribed by a qualified professional – please seek advice from your Stoma Care Nurse before ordering samples.

Ref #: CUSS1325

Cut to fit 13-25mm Box/10

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