ComfiHips Hip Protectors




You can wear ComfiHips® Hip Protectors all the time, day or night.  The pads are lightweight and they discretely decrease your chance of injury should you fall on your hip. 


This product is right for:

  • People with a high risk of falling
  • People taking medication that could impair their balance and vision
  • People with neurological challenges that could impair safe walking
  • Osteoporosis sufferers
  • Nursing home and assisted living residents
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • Patients with balance issues
  • Any senior citizen seeking security and peace of mind
Ref # Sizes
CH-MS Mens -S 28"-30"
CH-MM Mens - M 32"-34"
CH-ML Mens - L 36"-38"
CH-MXL Mens - XL 40"-42"
XCH-WS Womens - S 22"-26"
CH-WM Womens - M 26"-30"
CH-WL Womens - L 30"-34"
CH-WXL Womens - XL 34"-38"

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