Enteral Feeding Expert Ceri Anderson

Enteral Feeding Expert: Ceri Anderson - BSc and RPN

Registered Practical Nurse

Full time at Yurek Home Healthcare since 2013, Ceri gives clients additional support and advice both in store and in their own homes. Ceri worked in England as a Registered Nurse in a large teaching hospital from 1991 to 2012.

She is experienced in many different aspects of nursing, and is a specialist nurse in enteral nutrition.

If you would like a private consultation with Ceri, please call
519 - 963 - 1142

Compression Fitting Expert: Lisa Bourbonnais - B.A.

Certified Compression Fitter

As a master fitter, Lisa travels throughout Southwestern Ontario by appointment, working in conjunction with the London Regional Cancer Centre and many others to ensure patients have the proper compression garments as conveniently as possible.

She is consistently updating her education and uses the most current compression devices for her clients.

If you would like a private consultation with Lisa, please call
519 - 963 - 1142