There has been no better time for anyone to be prescribed compression stockings. Over the past 20 years the choices have improved and are endless – even for the most serious of conditions.

Anyone who sits or stands for long periods would benefit from wearing compression. If you don’t really have a problem with swelling and are looking for comfort, you can just pop into the store and chose from a range of over the counter style stockings/socks. These are designed to prevent any issues from progressing .

If you are experiencing venous issues such as varicose veins or swelling, you can see your doctor and get a prescription for medical grade compression stockings or socks. Just because they are medical grade does not mean they are unsightly – there are some lovely styles available. The prescribed stockings are measured and fitted for your individual needs and are usually covered by health insurance plans if you have coverage.

Whether it is over the counter or medical grade compression, Yurek is here to help. For over the counter you can just drop into the store and for prescription you can call to make an appointment to be measured and see samples of what products are available.